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By: Mike Gillette

RE: On this short letter, I am going to reveal how you can stop procrastination, eliminate self-doubt and finally start creating the life of your dreams!
Hi, my name is Mike Gillette and I am a performance coach. 

Over the past 30 years, I have helped over 10,000 students attain peak mental performance so they can achieve their greatest goals and transform their lives. 
I Have Provided 
Mental Performance Strategies To:
  • The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
  • The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) 
  • ​The United States Marine Corps. (USMC
  • ​The United States Air Force (USAF)
  • ​Special Forces Units
  • ​Olympic Wrestlers
  • ​High-Level Entrepreneurs
  • ​​International Champions in Combat Sports (like Muay Thai & Boxing)
  • ​Members of Cirque du Soleil 
  • ​And countless more… 
I have been featured on 
numerous publications such as:
What Others Have Said Working With Me...

Dennis Rogers - Pound-for-Pound World's Strongest Man

As seen on: Stan Lee’s “Superhumans”, Oprah, David Letterman, Discovery Channel, History Channel, National Geographic and in over 150 Countries Worldwide
"Mike Gillette has truly mastered the mental aspects of human performance. He has trained his body and disciplined his mind to overcome pain and fear both on-stage and in the field. Mike doesn't need anyone to convince you that his techniques work. He is his own proof. At age 58, he is stronger than ever. I think that says it all."

Jerry Poteet - Original Student of Bruce Lee

Hollywood Fight Choreographer, “Greatest Jeet Kune Do Instructor in the World” – Inside Kung-Fu Magazine
“Like my teacher Bruce Lee, Mike’s amazing results speak volumes about his knowledge and dedication…”

Rob Pincus - National Personal Defense Educator

Instructor, Writer, Coach & Television Host / Owner of I.C.E. Training Company & Executive Director of Personal Defense Network 
"Mike Gillette is a Mind Writer. The man knows how to motivate, how to inspire and how to both call out complacency and inspire greatness.His ability to help people re-write their internal dialogue and move forward with a mindset for success is unique and impressively efficient. A day with Mike out-values a year’s worth of typical self-help books and motivational workshops."

COLONEL Lee Van Arsdale - Retired Special Forces Commander

11 years as "Delta Force” as / aka: “The Unit” Special Forces Commander, Counterterrorism/Special Projects Branch Chief for the Secretary of Defense, Military Advisor for the film “Blackhawk Down”
"I met Mike Gillette while working on a sensitive training project. It was Mike’s design and implementation of a specialized security course for a Fortune Fifty company in what can best be described as Mental Skills that impressed me greatly. The client was likewise impressed with Mike’s ability to improve mental skills, with the resultant improvement of the physical."
My own Life Story is rather unusual...
I have lived as:
  • An Army Paratrooper
  • A SWAT Commander 
  • ​A Member of the Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame
  • ​A Counter-Terrorism Consultant to the Department of Homeland Security
  • ​A Bodyguard to Billionaires and Celebrities (such as Warren Buffett & Sylvester Stallone)
  • ​A Record-Breaking Strongman who has been featured on Ripley's Believe it or Not & Guinness World Records
I am not sharing this with you to brag or boast, but simply to illustrate that I have an intimate understanding of what it takes to achieve even your most difficult goals

With a background like that, most people would assume that I was always “mentally tough”.
But the truth is, I used to be weak and afraid
of pretty much everything…
You see…

Growing up, I watched helplessly as my stepfather ruthlessly beat up my mother.

One night, after having her head beaten against the living room wall, my mother went to the doctor. 

A brain tumor was discovered. After a year of treatment, she died. 

I was just 15 then.

I descended into drugs and alcohol, as much and as often as I could.

In February 1981, at the age of 18, I decided that I finally had enough.

I checked into a motel, consumed a ridiculous amount of booze and painkillers and laid down on the bed waiting to die.

Much to my surprise, I woke up the next day.

Which led me to conclude two things...

One, I must be hard to kill.

And two, perhaps there’s a reason why I am still alive.

I decided that I wanted to lead a different life... to live as differently as possible from who I used to be. 
But change did not come easy…
I felt completely powerless to stop my stepfather from beating my mother.

Without even realizing it, I had mentally conditioned myself to be weak.

Despite wanting to transform my life, I was afraid of failing and doubtful of my own ability to succeed.

To make things worse, I would often feel like I have no energy or motivation to pursue the goals I have set for myself.

And during the times I manage to pick myself up and get started, I would get easily distracted and lose focus on my tasks.

In a desperate attempt to change my circumstances, I read every self-help book I could find.

Most of what I learned did not help much, but they all seemed to suggest that you “think positively”.

The problem was I rarely believed my own positive thoughts and I would often blame myself for any negative thoughts.

Thoughts like…

“Why can’t I just be more positive?”

“What’s wrong with me?”

And this would just lead me back to a vicious cycle of negative thoughts.

I knew that unless I changed the way I thought, nothing in my life was ever going to change.

But the question was: How?
It wasn’t until one faithful day That My Life Truly Began to Change…
I had worked up just enough energy and motivation to drag myself to the gym.

Having poisoned my body with drugs and alcohol for years, I figured that working out would at least make my body stronger.

While struggling to perform a pull-up, I was struck with the sudden realization that “thinking positively” was just like performing a pull up.

If you lacked the physical strength to perform a pull-up, you won’t be able to perform a pull-up until you have strengthened your body sufficiently.

That might seem like a very obvious statement…

But just as it requires physical strength to perform a pull-up, it requires mental strength to stay positive and focused on the task at hand.

The reason why I couldn’t transform my life was simply because I lacked mental strength.

Most people would find it obvious that if you wanted a strong body, you would need to train your body.

But what most people don’t realize is that the same is true for the mind…

If you want a strong mind, you need to strengthen your mind.

The truth is, most people simply lack the mental strength to think positively and stay focused when confronted with adversity.

And that is the BIGGEST reason why most people fail to create the life they want.

But it’s not their fault either…

Most people have at least some understanding of physical exercise…

But when it comes to mental training, there is very little that is known about it.
Over the past 30+ years, I have relentlessly studied everything on the subject on mental training…
I have studied and applied methodologies from law enforcement, military training, sports psychology, hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming and countless other mental training methods.

Mental training helped me to not only recover from a crippling accident that shattered my back and my ankles…

It also allowed me to perform record-breaking mental stunts that were documented by Ripley’s Believe it or Not and Guinness World Records
As a SWAT Commander, mental training literally kept me alive by helping to stay calm and focused even during the most life-threatening situations.

My extensive research and practical understanding of mental performance led me to become a trainer for Special Forces Units, the FBI, the DEA, Cirque du Soleil, a Fortune 50 company, and many other elite organizations which regularly operate in high stakes circumstances. 
    For over 30+ years, my mental training methods have remained accessible only to the most elite performers in the world... 

    But because I want to be able to reach and impact more people, I am going to give you the opportunity to access these exclusive techniques that I have developed over a lifetime. 

    The Maximal Mindset Exercise Library
    Seven High-Impact Mindset Mastery Techniques That Unlock Unshakable Confidence For Achieving Your Biggest Goals… For Anyone, Anywhere, In Just 7 Minutes A Day!
    *Image is for Visualization Only
    This is a Digital Product
    These mindset techniques are the most potent, powerful, and practical exercises you’ll ever experience for unleashing your greatest human potential.

    Even just ONE of these unconventional exercises can give you a stronger sense of confidence – and you can feel it as soon as tonight.

    It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from, or how insecure you feel...

    The Maximal Mindset Exercise Library can and will work for you.

    You do not need any special equipment… it does not require you to do any weird mystical rituals… and you do not need to spend hours a day to see results from this.

    Because what you’re getting right now is simple, easy, and highly effective for giving you mastery over your mind… in just 7 minutes a day.
    Try These Simple Exercises And You Will:
    • Experience a razor-sharp spike in your CONFIDENCE making you exude an undeniably attractive energy... so you’re always feeling deeply relaxed and in-control in almost any situation.
    • Acquire elite-level mastery over your FOCUSgiving you the near-amazing ability to achieve your biggest goals for the day... almost effortlessly… so you can feel successful and satisfied when your head hits your pillow at night.
    • Unlock your unlimited source of ENERGY allowing you to glide through your toughest weekdays and tackle your biggest challenges... so you still have enough juice left for socializing, hitting the gym, or taking on new hobbies.
    • Tap into your hidden reservoir of MOTIVATIONso you’re filled to the brim with joy, excitement, and an overwhelming urge to be your best self… all without feeling anxious about what people think of you.
    • Discover your indestructible sense of DISCIPLINE so every day, you’re finally creating the amazing life you’ve always desired (and realizing it’s a lot easier and energizing than you imagined) without constantly feeling insecure.
    • ​And so much more...
    Just imagine…

    In a few short minutes from now, you’ll kick back, relax, and try ONE of these simple mindset techniques…

    And in less than 7 minutes, you’ll feel a wave of relief gently flow over your body… you’ll experience a satisfying “glimpse” of the potential inside you this very moment… and you’ll fall into a deep sleep knowing that tomorrow is going to feel much better than today…

    Because you’ll finally discover that yes, it’s very possible for you to radically alter your life and your confidence… just like it has for 10,000+ everyday people like yourself.
    Here's a Few Raw Uncut Testimonials:

    Wayne Parker
    - Sole Trader Mr B Services, Australia

    "...this program has helped me simplify my thoughts so I can return to the right mindset I needed to be in…"

    Isaac Hernandez
    - Assembler at Ventana Medical Systems, USA

    "...this program has made me more confident and I am now doing things that I wasn't able to do before..."

    Kim Bowden-Derby 
    - Co-Owner at Teitei Homestay, Fiji

    "...these simple but powerful exercises have been helping me stay more calm, more focused, more disciplined…"

    (*Note: Kim refers to the bonuses as books but we have since upgraded them to video programs.)

    Niko Huffman
    - Senior Software Engineer,

    "...absolutely loved everything in the Maximal Mindset Exercise Library…it helped me eliminate distractions, stay focused, and create clarity..."

    Saurabh Ghatnekar 
    - Machine Learning Engineer, India

    "...I have seen a noticeable shift in my thought process and gotten a good boost to my confidence... I am loving it!"

    Jose Viggiano
    - Lawyer, USA

    "...thank you very much for all your mental toughness training... it has been very helpful for me!"
    Here's Your BRAND-NEW Arsenal Of Powerful Mental Exercises
    Deleting Distractions
    Here’s the truth: 9 out of 10 people FAIL to realize their fullest potential.

    Deleting Distractions will make sure that doesn’t happen to you. I designed this “pre mind” exercise so you’re the 1 out of 10 people who make confidence easy, consistent, and effortless as slipping into your favorite pair of pants in the morning.

    Deleting Distractions will help you:
    • Manage the overwhelming hurricane of thoughts wreaking havoc on your self-esteem, so you immediately feel less stressed and more relaxed in just seconds.
    • Quickly identify and kill mental distractions that try to sneakily sabotage your progress, so you feel like you’re improving within just days.
    • Design an unshakeable foundation that will make sure you don’t relapse into your “old self,so you feel a sense of permanent transformation.
    And tons more...
    The Aware Mind
    Do you hear all this talk about “living in the now” lately?

    Honestly, it’s one of the most joyous, euphoric, and life-changing sensations you’ll ever experience during your time on this Earth. And that’s exactly what this exercise is going to give you.

    The Aware Mind technique shows you how to access “the present moment” in any situation, and it’s the bedrock of this entire system. It’s the easiest to deploy (taking just seconds to execute), but it brings you into that deep place which most people seek yet never truly get to enjoy.

    The Aware Mind will help you:
    • Harness the TRUE “power of now” so you can instantly tap into calm, peace, and happiness while feeling invincible to the annoying nuances around you.
    • Transform your day-to-day life into a series of pleasurable “moments” that you’re excited to have, so your weekdays feel a lot more effortless.
    • ​Experience the weird sensation where time slows down and you can see yourself, your future, and the world around you with crystal-clear focus.
    And a lot more...
    A Moment Of Mindfulness
    “When you are content to be simply yourself and don't compare or compete, everyone will respect you.” 

    This famous quote from Lao Tzu is exactly what the Moment Of Mindfulness technique will give you. Mindfulness is associated with meditation, spiritual stuff, and “woo-woo” rituals, but it’s none of that.

    A Moment Of Mindfulness will help you:
    • Comfortably melt into the habit of “being yourself” so you stop feeling judged by other people, anxious about what they think of you, and can finally experience true mental freedom.
    • Discover the power of “Inner Calibration” and how it allows you to be exactly who you are… in all your quirky ways… while feeling cool and at peace.
    • Learn more about YOURSELF – your desires, your purpose, your passions, and what makes you tickso you gain a clearer vision for living your happiest life.
    Plus much more...
    The Relaxed Mind
    What’s the secret of the highest-performing athletes in the world?

    It’s one simple thing: they have strong “mind-body” connections. When I say that, most people give me a perplexed look as if I have a screw loose in my brain… but after I show them how to strengthen their mind-body connection, they suddenly report a “greater confidence” in achieving their goals.

    Because The Relaxed Mind technique will help you:
    • Develop the #1 skill used by the world’s highest-paid celebrities, CEOs, and athletes for rising to the top in their professions.
    • Eliminate the nasty mental chatter that tells you “you’re not good enough” as you watch yourself achieve new goals that make you feel worthy of more.
    • Dramatically enhance your concentration, giving you the control and precision of a surgeon’s scalpel... so you can effortlessly win any task in front of you...
    And so much more...
    The Visual Mind
    This is the most potent, yet paradoxical technique I can give you.

    The Visual Mind will introduce you to a new method of visualization. This has nothing to do with fluffy “law of attraction” stuff. The method I show you will create a special simulation in your mind that time collapses the personal growth of 1 week into 1 day.

    The Visual Mind will help you:
    • Accomplish your most pressing daily tasks, so you build rapid momentum towards achieving your boldest goals and creating your desired life.
    • Create your own “Future Reality” – which shows you a crystal-clear vision of the exact lifestyle you want to design and gives you the confidence to do it.
    • Compose yourself like the world’s top 1% of high-performers so you can succeed in nearly any moment and quickly bring your dreams to reality.
    And tons more...
    The Physical Mind
    This is the twin brother of The Visual Mind.

    With this simple mental technique, you’ll discover how to “go inward” and control the sensations in your body. What does that actually mean? 

    Instead of feeling your nerves jitter uncontrollably when faced with a high-pressure situation, you can simply “snap” yourself out of it and feel a rush of relaxation overtake your body.

    The Physical Mind will help you:
    • Masterfully handle your nerves and emotions in important situations – so you can nail that job interview, ask your boss for that raise, or even impress the person sitting across from you.
    • Experience real monk-like control over your body and almost instantly wash away any stress, anxiety, or fear that’s holding you back from being yourself.
    • Express yourself confidently, charismatically, and courageously... without feeling awkward or forced.
    And a lot more...
    The Focused Mind
    If there’s ONE exercise that has the potential to change your life the most, this would be it.

    This technique is all about learning to direct your attention to the most important task in front of you and keep it there without the urge to look away. 

    No longer will you feel easily distracted by the internet, social media, or the latest media gossip on TV. Because now, you’ll tap into true mastery over yourself and your mind, and a whole new world of possibility will reveal itself to you.

    The Focused Mind will help you:
    • Transmute your attention into a highly concentrated beam of focus, allowing you to accomplish tasks that used to take weeks… in less than a day.
    • Overcome the need to “look away” or “distract yourself” from your important tasks, so you can feel a deeper sense of presence in every moment.
    • Permanently replace old and unsupportive habits with new routines that you start doing every day almost naturally… whether that’s the gym, reading more, socializing, or starting a project, you now have the energy to do it.
    Plus, much more...
    The Disciplined Mind
    Do you know the difference between average people and extraordinary people?

    The difference is simple: extraordinary people are comfortable with being uncomfortable. This final exercise amplifies your Maximal Mindset transformation by giving you complete control, control you’ve had all along, over your mind, body, and life. 

    The Disciplined Mind will help you:
    • Break free from your limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns, and tired habits so you can finally BE extraordinary and live your highest potential.
    • Radically elevate your self-esteem so you feel like no matter what, you are capable of handling any situation, dealing with any person, and achieving any goal you set for yourself.
    • Enjoy a BRAND-NEW you in as little as 7 minutes a day… 
    And so much more...
    30 Years Of Secret Mental Techniques Used By CEOs, World-Class Athletes, & Military Top Dogs Now Affordable To The Everyday Person
    Make no mistake: the most elite individuals on the planet are using these exact techniques every single day.

    Wealthy CEOs are leading companies that are worth multiple millions of dollars…

    Professional athletes are showcasing superhuman abilities while being praised and worshipped by fans all around the world…

    Brave members from the FBI, DEA, and United States Marines are flawlessly operating in high-pressure, high-stakes situations nearly every day without fail...

    And I guarantee you they all credit their success to having an impenetrable mindset.

    Doug Ward - Elite Boxing Trainer

    President of the Underground Boxing Company, Writer/Consultant for Title Boxing
    “In athletic training; the most neglected “body part” is the human mind. Most trainers simply don’t realize the crucial role that the head plays in building the body. When it comes to the psychology of training, Mike didn’t write the book, but he can draw a map better than any coach I know…”

    Rosen Ianev - Entrepreneur

    IT Services Industry Leader & Chess Enthusiast
    “Working with Mike has made a fundamental change in my life. I now understand the vital connection between the way you think and the results you achieve. Gaining control over this process and making a habit of productive thinking, despite external circumstances, opens unlimited potential!

    Lisa “The Black Widow” King - International Muay Thai Champion

    Featured on ESPN and Black Belt Magazine’s Woman of the Year
    “Mike Gillette is an essential part of my pre-fight ritual – I don’t ever plan on getting in the ring again without him…”
    Training my mind to become stronger than a steel trap is how I bounced back from a life that I never should’ve survived.

    In fact, it’s how over 10,000+ everyday people, people exactly like yourself, have been able to take a 180-degree turn in their lives and start achieving their biggest goals.

    I’m not exaggerating when I say these mental exercises can change your life. 

    The Maximal Mindset Exercise Library is not going to cost you $499.

    It won’t even cost you half that.

    I’m making these techniques as accessible and affordable as I possibly can for you.

    Which is why I’m making this deal even sweeter…
    You’re Getting EIGHT Bonuses (Valued At $1,576) FREE!
    These bonuses could be sold as individual courses on their own.

    But I want to give you every chance to experience fast results and permanent transformation exactly as I did. 

    Because after working with some of the most elite and brilliant people on the planet, I noticed they all possessed EIGHT certain qualities that made them highly successful.

    Today, I’m going to show you how to install these eight qualities into your personality for free – I call it the Boss Transformation Suite.

    This works for all types of people, especially if you’ve found it “hard to improve” yourself in the past or struggled to create lasting changes in your confidence.

    Here's what you're going to get...
    The Purposeful Boss
    *Image is for Visualization Only
    This is a Digital Product
    $197  FREE TODAY!
    Define Your Purpose & Find Meaning in Your Life...
    Most people sleepwalk through life never getting to experience the power of having a driving purpose.

    Inside The Purposeful Boss, you’ll get 5 quality training videos which shows you how to manifest nearly limitless energy to pursue your most challenging goals. Plus, you will discover:
    • How to define your TRUE purpose so you can lead a meaningful and fulfilling life.
    • How to make yourself the “Hero” of your journey, so you see a clearer vision towards your highest goals.
    • One amazing technique to finally appreciate each and every moment without worry, fear or anxiety.
    The Confident Boss
    *Image is for Visualization Only
    This is a Digital Product
    $197  FREE TODAY!
    Boost Your Self-Confidence & Become Empowered for Success...
    The single greatest roadblock to creating the life you want is not skill, ability, or natural-born talent…

    It’s confidence. And inside The Confident Boss, you’ll get 5 training videos that show you how to gain REAL self-confidence without pretending to be someone you’re not. And, you’ll also see:
    • How to develop “core confidence” that pours into every area of your life naturally and without effort.
    • How to overcome social anxiety and restructure your social beliefs, so you can feel comfortable around large groups of people no matter where you are.
    • How to defeat negative feelings of self-doubt before they even appear.
    The Productive Boss
    *Image is for Visualization Only
    This is a Digital Product
    $197  FREE TODAY!
    Defeat Procrastination & Become a Massive Action Taker...
    Do you ever look at wildly successful people and wonder how they get so much done?

    It’s not because they’re smarter than you, more talented than you, or are better than you in some way. In fact, they’re exactly the same as you.

    They just have a simple strategy for being productive, and that’s exactly what you’re getting inside the 7 quality training videos in Productive Boss. You’re also going to learn:
    • How to pummel your procrastination into a headlock and knock out distractions, so you can do more in less time.
    • How to leverage “Parkinson’s Law” so you accomplish more in a day than most people do in a week.
    • A unique method for tackling the tasks you don’t want to do with ease, joy, and effortlessness.
    The Organized Boss
    *Image is for Visualization Only
    This is a Digital Product
    $197  FREE TODAY!
    Organize Your Mind & Get More Done with Less Time...
    “For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned.”

    Benjamin Franklin preached one of the great “success secrets” of high-performers today – getting CLEAR and organized with everything in their life.

    The 7 training videos in Organized Boss will show you how to organize your life efficiently so you can spend more time doing what you love. In fact, you’ll discover:
    • How to easily prioritize your day without becoming overwhelmed by life’s hidden demands.
    • The secret to doing more of what you love in life while doing less of what doesn’t energize you.
    • How to sneakily and effectively guard your time so you can prevent getting dragged into social situations you don’t want to be a part of.
    We're Only HALFWAY There... You're Also Getting
    The Business Boss
    *Image is For Visualization Only
    This is a Digital Product
    $197  FREE TODAY!
    Launch Your Own Digital Business & Experience Greater Financial Freedom...
    Here’s the truth: people with strong mindsets have greater financial freedom.

    In fact, these people acquire their financial freedom by starting their own business. And today, it’s easier than ever to start a business, especially online.

    Inside The Business Boss, I’ll show you how to easily launch your own coaching business online with less than $100, even if you are starting from scratch or don’t see yourself as a typical “business” person.

    Plus, you’ll see:
    • How to identify the perfect niche so you can charge premium prices and gain freedom much faster.
    • How to attract and enroll clients for your online business without being pushy or sleazy.
    • How to automate your online coaching program so you can spend more free time doing what you love.
    The Strength Boss
    *Image is For Visualization Only
    This is a Digital Product
    $197  FREE TODAY!
    Develop Solid-Iron Toughness & Gain Bone-Crushing Strength...
    One of the most powerful ways to train your mind is to train your body at the same time. 

    Inside The Strength Boss, I’ll show you how to develop physical mastery over yourself while also packing on muscle and watching your fat melt away. Plus, you’ll see:
    • How to develop bone-crushing strength and solid-iron toughness regardless of your age.
    • How to easily design your home gym for less than $100 and with just simple everyday items… most of these items are already in your garage!
    • How to choose and customize your workouts from over 40 different exercises so you can work around any injuries.
    The Influence Boss
    *Image is For Visualization Only
    This is a Digital Product
    $197  FREE TODAY!
    Master the Art of Influence & Become a Respected Leader...
    Want to be liked, praised, and admired for being who you are without doing anything to earn it? 

    Then you need to master the simple art of Influence. The Influence Boss will show you how to communicate persuasively in a professional environment and command the respect of your boss, co-workers, and employees. You will see:
    • How to influence people to say YES to your ideas almost naturally; your boss, your friends, even strangers you randomly meet.
    • A secret way to become the most inspiring and respected person when you walk into the room.
    • How to create positive influence around you and become an admired leader in your community.
    The Dangerous Boss
    *Image is For Visualization Only
    This is a Digital Product
    $197  FREE TODAY!
    Unlock Your Inner Warrior & Gain Deeper Confidence...
    The Dangerous Boss is going to awaken the fierce, “take no bs” warrior sleeping dormant inside of you. 

    With this, you will get back your “claws and fangs” and feel less afraid to stand up for your beliefs and resist intimidation by others. Plus, you’ll see:
    • The NO BS approach to becoming a brutally-effective warrior and defending yourself and your loved ones if ever necessary.
    • How to strategically de-escalate conflict and prevent fights from ever taking place.
    • WARNING: The material contained within this program is DANGEROUS. Do not show it to anyone under 18 because it would be like giving a weapon to a child.
    How Much Is This Elite Collection Of Secret Mental Techniques Worth To You?
    Today, you won’t pay $497… $397… or even $297…

    Right now, you can have this for one single payment of $197.

    That’s 94% lower than the original value, which is the lowest investment anyone has paid for gaining access to what you’re seeing on this page.

    CEOs, celebrities, and pro athletes pay astronomical fees for this stuff; a few private sessions costing more than the average American’s yearly salary...

    People have paid me $5,000+ to personally coach them through these exact exercises...

    And to learn directly from me at a live event costs $2,000 at a minimum.

    However, since you’re reading this right now, then I know you’re motivated and are dedicated to creating a better life for yourself.

    Because I have a soft spot for helping change people's lives just like I changed my own, I’ll slash the price by an extra $130…

    Right now, you can have all of this for $67.

    Fredrik Persson
    - Entrepreneur, Finland

    "...specific, organized, and logical... this is exactly what I have been looking for…"

    Meka Patcha
    - Student, Thailand

    "...this program helped me become more focused even while I am in a distracting environment..."

    Paul Paczkowski
    - Management Consultant, Australia

    "...I appreciate having different exercises that allows me to train different aspects of my mind…"

    Michael Bick
    - Marathon Runner, USA

    "...these mindset exercises are a wonderful, wonderful opportunity for people..."
    Your Investment Is Protected By Mike’s Maximal “All Or Nothing” Promise 
    Look, your trust means a lot to me. I treat it with the utmost care and respect you deserve.

    That’s why I’ve created “Mike’s Maximal Promise” and here’s how it works:

    I’m so confident these mental techniques will transform you from the inside out, that within 14 days you’re either AMAZED with how quickly your attitude and results improves, or...
    • I will give you 100% of your money back. No questions asked. Just send me one email and I’ll immediately refund your money.
    • I’ll even let you keep the $1,576 worth of bonuses completely free. This is my goodwill gift to you.
    Yes, this bundle either gives you everything I promised on this page, or you get all your money back AND you get to keep all the bonuses for free within 14 days of purchase.

    No tricks. No hidden fees. None of that. All yours for $67 today.
    Here’s Everything Your Getting Instant Access To Today
    • The Maximal Mindset Exercise Library ($497 Value) – Seven high-impact mindset mastery techniques that unlock unshakable confidence for achieving your biggest goals… for anyone, anywhere, in just 7 minutes a day!
    • FREE BONUS #1: The Purposeful Boss ($197 Value) – Define your purpose and find meaning in your life.
    • FREE BONUS #2: The Confident Boss ($197 Value) – Boost your self-confidence and become empowered for success.
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    • Protected by Our “All Or Nothing” Guarantee – If you choose to return the product, we’ll give you 100% of your money back AND we’ll even let you keep the $1,576 worth of bonuses completely free as my gift to you.
    • ​$100 OFF! LIMITED-TIME OFFER – We’re knocking $130 off the original price of $197… and only asking for one single investment of $67.

    Corey Corby
    - Team Lead at Lockheed Martin, Australia

    "This program is amazing. I was able to glean the specific information that helped me deal with stressful situations at work i.e. time deadlines, subordinates that need direction/coaching and management decisions that impact my workload."

    Adil Amarsi 
    - Copywriter & Consultant, United Kingdom

    "The Maximal Mindset Exercise Library has helped me get clear and focused on my work and purpose. .. Coming back to it constantly has helped and each day these exercises make me sharper. Just clearing my day and tasks has helped me get more productive."

    Devin Roper
    - Student, USA

    "...these exercises have tremendously helped with the constant noise that runs through my head. I know longer tell my self to shut up as my thoughts from the days events or thoughts of the past block my vision. My mind has become more "organized" and easier to clear."
    Someone Once Told Me The Definition Of Hell…
    He turned towards me and said:
    “On your last day on earth, the person you could have become will meet the person you became.”
    Wow, powerful isn’t it?

    Fact is… it’s 100% true.

    Believe me, I’ve helped 10,000+ people like yourself choose a life of passion, purpose, and possibility…

    But I’ve also seen even more people give up on themselves and slowly become poisoned with insecurity, shame, and unworthiness… to the point of no return.

    I hate seeing good people become filled with regret...

    Regret for not DOING what they were truly passionate about…

    Regret for not EXPRESSING who they truly were deep inside…

    Regret for not SAYING what they truly felt on the inside…

    Regret for not BELIEVING in themselves or their ability to achieve their dreams…

    And worst of all?

    Regret for not BECOMING the best version of themselves they could become.

    I wouldn’t ever wish that on anybody, but I need to ask you...
    Are You Happy With Exactly WHERE You Are In Life And Exactly WHO You See When You Look In The Mirror?
    If your answer is NOT a resounding yes... then your life isn’t going to get better, unless you do something about it right now.

    Take me for example:

    As a kid, all I ever knew was hatred and violence as I watched my stepdad relentlessly bash my helpless mom’s head into a wall…

    I painfully watched with tears flooding my eyes while my mom’s life got sucked out of her by a brain tumor… up until her final breath… 

    At 18, because I felt so worthless… I consumed a ridiculous amount of booze and painkillers to end my life, but it didn’t work…

    And when my life finally started to turn around, I suffered an irreparable injury breaking my back and shattering both my ankles and was told I’d never run again...

    Despite all that, here I stand.

    I’m an accomplished man… I’m changing the lives of thousands around the world… and most importantly… I’m a proud husband to my wife and grandfather to 6 little grandkids.

    Want to know my secret? It’s simple...
    You Just Need To Make ONE Small Decision To Change The Entire Trajectory Of Your Future
    Right now, I can help you make that decision.

    Imagine – just minutes from now – feeling the overwhelming wave of relief that will wash over your body and free yourself from the guilt of not living up to your deepest potential...

    Tomorrow, you’ll jump out of bed with a renewed feeling of energy… knowing that it’s the first day of the rest of your life.

    Every day… no matter where you are… and in less than 7 minutes... just listen to these powerful mental exercises and watch your confidence rise…

    Your motivation… your discipline… your focus… your happiness… your energy… all ascending to higher levels.

    Because when you strengthen your mind, you’re also strengthening every single aspect of yourself and your life as a result.

    You’ll finally feel worthy, fulfilled, and ALIVE... knowing that you’re achieving your biggest goals, becoming your best self, and living your highest purpose.

    Just ask yourself…
    “What’s the BEST thing that can possibly happen?”
    Don’t wait, invest in yourself and allow The Maximal Mindset Exercise Library to transform your life for you.

    You’re getting $1,576 worth of free bonuses to guide you to faster, more permanent change.

    And you’re either thrilled with the new confidence and motivation these mindset techniques bring you, or you get 100% of your money back PLUS you get to keep all the bonuses for free.

    Remember, even just ONE of these seven techniques can give you supreme confidence; just imagine what all seven can do for you?
    In 10 years… 5 years… 1 year… 1 month… 1 week… 1 day… and even as soon as tonight, you’ll be grateful you did this.

    Your future self is waiting.

    - Mike

     Adelia Neethling
    - World Champion Track Cyclist, Australia

     "This program gave a new perspective on “being present” and “focus”... I didn’t see the connection before between the two and now realized how to connect the two better. Thus allowing me to do multiple things at once without losing focus in the moment."

    Nik Roglich
    -  Self-Employed, Australia

    "I've been using the rubber band exercise every day. It's helped me be more aware of lingering thoughts that affect me negatively... Writing down everything in the Self Assessment Tracker every evening has put my focus on things I've done that make me proud, and this gives me more drive to continue on with it."

    Arto Rikkonen
    -  Dental Equipment Designer, Finland

    "This program has helped me more than I can even tell. I learned about how everything starts from the inside. I learned to better understand what I want from life and what my goals are. I want to be as present as I can be in life and learned to be focused in every task I do. This helps me in my gym workouts, to be focused and be mindful, to eliminate the distracting thoughts."
    Do You Have Any Of these Questions?
    Is this a physical product? Will anything be shipped to me?
    No, this is a digital product only. There will be no shipping of any kind. Once you have purchased the product, you will be able to get instant access to all the materials in the members area.
    How much time will it take for me to learn to develop a strong mind?
    Mike believes the best strategy is the one that gets you to your goal as fast as possible and with the least amount of effort. With that in mind, he’s specially designed the program to be accessed quickly and easily. There’s absolutely no filler - the exercises contain only high-quality, rich content - and you’ll be able to learn all the exercises in less than a day.
    The mind strengthening exercises have been designed such that they take only a few minutes each day. Remember, consistency is more important than the amount of time spent doing the exercises.

    The mind is like a muscle. It requires constant attention and focus to stay strong. Only a few minutes a day will make a huge difference in your ability to control your emotions, quiet your mind and develop mental toughness to protect you and your family.
    Can I really strengthen my mind with these exercises?
    Yes, absolutely. I have spent over the past 30 years of my life refining and testing these exercises in the real world. 

    Furthermore, my techniques have been extensively used by law enforcement and military personnel to stay focused and calm even in the most life-threatening situations. If these exercises don't work, I would have been held liable and prosecuted by the government. 

    As long as you do your due diligence and perform the exercises, you will experience the benefits.
    How quickly will I begin to experience the benefits of this program?
    Students of the Maximal Mindset Exercise Library program have reported improvements in their mental strength after just one session working through the exercises. However, the best results and the most impressive changes in individuals have come through consistently practicing the mental strengthening exercises for at least 90 days.
    This time is long enough for habits to form and significant changes to happen.

    What I will show you on concentration and focus will make an immediate difference to every part of your life, from physical exercise through to your working life. Many people don’t realize just how much they are swayed by emotion until they become mindful of it - through the program.
    What happens if I try it and it didn’t work for me?
    In the unlikely event you’ve worked through the exercises and still don’t feel you are mentally stronger as a result AND you are within 14 days of purchase, simply request a full 100% refund.
    We’re so confidence you’re going to love the program, we’re putting our money where our mouth is and giving you 2 whole weeks to try the program.

    To process a refund, it’s easy. Just send an email to and speak with a member of our friendly customer service team who will happily process your refund.
    How will I know that I have become mentally stronger?
    Great question. As you’ll discover from my discussion about goal-setting, building in ways of measuring your progress towards a goal is key to achieving whatever you desire.

    Take time to consider what you are not doing now that you would do if you were not stopped by fear. Of course, not everyone is conscious that fear prevents them from taking action. 

    (That’s why, for the majority of students, they often don’t realize when they do something they were previously fearful of doing… until much later). 
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    Your Price Today: $2,073
    Just 1 Payment of $67 Today!

    Kiera Koster
    - USA

    "This program has taught me how to face my issues head on and to process them. It has taught me that my mind is a powerful thing and I can use it to do powerful and amazing things."

    Leigh Walters
    - Maintenance Coordinator, Australia

    "The program has made me stop and think my way through my thoughts and how to set my mind to pretty much any task and to be successful at the task. The paradigm shift in thoughts has opened up a whole new world."

     Julien P.Lefebvre
    - Entrepreneur, Canada

    "This program helps me manage distractions and control stress.  I realized how much my mind was distracted and often out of focus. Now I am better tooled to address what is important and stay on task."
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